TruSmile Veneers Top & Bottom Appliance (Both included in the price)

$ 470.00

Product Description

These are Very Important Notes to keep in mind about TruSmile Veneers Appliance and the Ordering Process. Please Read Carefully Before Making the Order:

- When You place the order, You will get Top and Bottom Veneers. They both are included in the price. We don't sell them separately.

- When You make the Order, You are not going to Receive the final TruSmile Veneers Immediately. Initially TruSmile Company will send an Impression Kit for you to Make your own Impression at Home. After we Receive Your Teeth Impressions, We will Manufacture Your Veneers and Send them to you within 12-19 business days.

- If you choose the 2 payments option, We will call you as soon as we finish making  your veneers to collect your credit card information and charge your card for the second payment. Or we could send you an invoice on Paypal and you make your second payment online. We will ship your veneers and send you the tracking number same day you make the payment.

- If you choose the monthly payment plan, We will call you as soon as we finish making  your veneers to collect your credit card information and setup the automatic monthly payments. Only for the monthly payment plan, you have to send us a photo of your driving license.

- TruSmile Veneers appliance Should not be used for eating. But you can drink cold or warm drinks with it.

- When you first start Using TruSmile appliance, you will need a few days to adjust to how it looks and feels.

- You will need a few days to master talking with TruSmile Appliance.

- TruSmile Appliance covers the 12 frontal teeth only (till the first molar from both right and left sides) i.e. it does not cover all teeth.

- If you are not satisfied by your appliance you have the right to redo it or fix it for no extra charge

- Kindly, There is no Refund or Cancellation after making the purchase. TruSmile Veneers Cost a lot of money to be custom made manufactured for each Patient 

- If you selected one of the Financing  Plans to pay in installments, that means that you gave us the full authority to charge those installments to your credit card till you made the full payments.

- By Buying this product, you agree to all our Policies, Terms and Conditions.