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Alternative to Cosmetic Dentistry

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When looking to improve your smile, most dentists and dental professionals will stress the need for time-consuming cosmetic dental procedures. These procedures, although effective, cause immense stress, discomfort, and inconvenience to patients. Not to mention that the cost of cosmetic dental procedures can be extremely high, costing thousands of dollars.

The researchers at TruSmile realized that many people who have missing, damaged, or stained teeth might not be able to afford the very high costs associated with traditional cosmetic dentistry. Many cosmetic procedures also involve invasive surgery that can cause the patient to miss work and rearrange their personal schedules.

TruSmile offers a unique, modern, and affordable solution to individuals who want to improve their smiles without the cost and inconvenience of conventional cosmetic dentistry. TruSmile’s temporary veneers will provide you with the ability to beautify your smile from the comfort of your own home. With the help of TruSmile’s cutting-edge veneer technology, you will rebuild your self-confidence and no longer face public events with fear over the appearance of your smile. Reclaim your smile and reclaim your life with TruSmile temporary veneers.

Cosmetic Dentistry Alternatives

As one of the best alternatives to cosmetic surgery, TruSmile veneers provide a reliable solution to the problems associated with damaged, missing, or stained teeth. With our state-of-the-art fitting procedure, you can take an impression of both your upper and lower teeth without leaving your home. This impression is then used to craft a set of high-quality temporary veneers that will fit over your existing teeth to create that perfect smile you have always dreamed of. Please be aware that some teeth will still need to be present on both the upper and lower jaw for TruSmile’s temporary veneers to work correctly. Our affordable alternative to cosmetic surgery can replace both up to 8 upper and 8 lower teeth, so you can face the world with the new smile you have always wanted.

Cosmetic Dentistry Alternatives

As a leading provider of temporary veneers, TruSmile has developed an affordable and convenient solution for those who are looking to build their self-confidence through the use of custom-fit veneers. TruSmile provides our clients with the ability to take control of their smiles' appearance in an effective and efficient manner. WIth TruSmile temporary veneers, you will never have to worry about the appearance of your teeth again.

Other Options for Dental Cosmetic Surgery

If you are facing expensive, inconvenient, and painful cosmetic dental procedures to correct broken, missing, or stained teeth, contact TruSmile. One of our team members will explain our costs and fitment process to you. We believe that once you learn more about the advantages of using TruSmile to beautify your smile, you will use our high-quality, and affordable solution to create a white, brighter, and perfect smile. TruSmile temporary veneers are also an excellent chipped tooth repair alternative and can even help straighten teeth without braces. For more information about TruSmile and what we can do for your smile, contact us today!


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