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Taking Impressions for TruSmile Veneers

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A Perfect Smile is Within Reach!

Isn’t great that with all the advances in modern technology you can order clip on veneers online? These smile perfectors won’t cost thousands of dollars, and you can take the impressions for your snap on veneers at home in private.

How do I get my TruSmile Veneers?

We’ve simplified the process for you and broken it down into seven easy to follow steps.

Follow these easy steps

Order Your Personal Impression Kit

Select your perfect smile shade, choose a payment option, mirror box color, and place your order through our online store.


Select A Payment Plan

We’ve got some great options for you when it comes to paying for your priceless new smile which comes with free shipping and processing if you are in the U.S. One payment of $499 in advance with free shipping and processing. One payment of $259 when you place your order and the second payment of $259 will be processed one month later. (Only for residents of the USA and Canada)

One-Time Payment



* One full payment of $499 in advance when you first place the order

2 Payments

as low as



* Pay $259 when you first place the order and the second payment of $259 will be charged after 1 month

3 Payments

as low as



* Pay $239 when you first place the order and 3 monthly payments of $99 will be charged each month


Select Your Perfect Shade

B1 Very Bright – For the most brilliant white smile possible
A1 Bright (close to natural white) – This option gives you a natural looking white smile. You’ll look as if you just got back from a whitening session with your dentist!
A2 Not Very Bright – Slightly yellow in comparison to the A1 Shade.


Make Your Impressions

When making your impressions at home it is important to get a good, clean impression that will result in the best possible fit for your personal snap on veneers. Follow our step by step instructions included in your kit and watch our “how to” video to make your best impression.


Smile For The Camera

Once you have the impressions made, please take four photos of your mouth (looking down, looking up, looking straight at the camera, and a photo taken from the side) and email them to


Mail Us Your Impressions

Send us your impression kit in the packaging provided.



Receive your personalized clip on veneers and smile bright!

What could be easier than making impressions for snap on veneers at home? We’re as excited as you are to see you get your TruSmile Veneers and show the world what a beautiful smile you’ve been hiding! So now that you know what to do, don’t wait another day to enjoy the smile you should have had all along – your TruSmile Veneers!

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