Use code TAKE70 at Checkout to get a $70 discount *Offer not valid on impression kits*

Use code TAKE70 at Checkout to get a $70 discount *Offer not valid on impression kits*


All ordering use & care product info


The order process is extremely simplified for your convenience.

You can email us a photo of your wide smile, your teeth from both sides, and one showing your teeth all the way back, so we can better review your case and determine your eligibility.

And if you are eligible, you can place the order online and we will ship an impression-making kit to your home. So you could make it from the comfort of your own home.

When you are done making the impressions, please use the supplied return label to return the package. Just leave it in your mailbox or drop it in any Postal Service box or office.

That’s it, we will take it from here and inspect your impressions and in case they are accepted, will make your veneers.

Yes we do. For now, we have 2 payment options. First, One time payment of $499 Second, 2 payments of $259. After you make the first one, we ship your impression kit and start making your veneers. When we finish making your veneers, we send you an email notifying you that your veneers are done and we need to collect the second payment. You could follow the link in the email to make the payment online. As soon as you make the second payment we ship your veneers on the same business day.

We have 3 different shades to address all the needs of all of our customers as follows: B1 - or Bleaching Shade. That’s a very Bright shade as if you just went to the dentist for several Bleaching sessions A1 - or Natural Shade. Still a bright shade but closer to the natural shade A2 - or Ivorish Shade. Not bright and more suitable for older age customers

Of course you could change the shade but please make sure to call us or send us an email to notify us with your desired new shade as soon as possible. If we started making your veneers in the lab, it would be already too late.

After TruSmile Veneers receives your teeth impressions, and we make sure that they are accepted, it usually takes 3-5 weeks for regular order to manufacture and ship your appliance. If you want it faster, you could always call us to express the order for you after paying the express order fees of $145 to get them done within 2 weeks instead.

Yes, You could pay an extra $145 to expedite the manufacturing process to 2 weeks instead of 3-5 weeks. Also, you would be eligible for Priority shipping on the whole order.

And you could also pay $35 to overnight your package as soon as it’s ready to get delivered within 1-2 working days.

Making the impression is a really fun, easy and pain free process. We supply you with instructions brochure and educational videos to guide you through the whole process. After you make your first impression, you could send us photos of it and we will tell you if you are doing it right and give you tips to make better impressions. Also you could call or email to schedule a free video call appointment.

Yes, you do not have to leave your home to ship the impressions back to us. We supply you with a return label that you could use. Just leave the impressions box in your mailbox to be picked up.

Sure we could help you through video chat to make your impressions. You could call or email to schedule the video call as soon as you get your impression kit. Or if you felt confused and frustrated anytime during the process. We could do video calls through Facebook Messenger, Skype and Facetime. Our appointments are from 10:00am to 3:00pm CST.

We deliver free of charge to The United States of America. We have a reasonable shipping fee for Canada, Australia and lots of European Countries. Your country might charge you a small custom fee sometimes and it’s different from one country to another.

use & care

Eating most types of food is discouraged, most snap on veneers are cosmetic non Functioning appliance. You could eat only soft food like yogurt, apple sauce or rice. It can not be used for eating food or chewing gum. Eating with your TruSmile Veneers will wear down the appliance and could result in the possible fracture and/or cracking of the snap on veneers. It is best if you take out the veneers before you eat.

Yes, but only drink cold and warm drinks only. It’s strongly advised to avoid very hot drinks, as this may permanently damage your temporary veneers.

To insert your veneers, slip the snap on teeth over your own front teeth and apply gentle pressure to snap the veneers in place. Sometimes during the insertion you may have to twist the veneers a little bit to find the perfect angle for proper application, but you should not have to force your veneers into place. When removing your snap on teeth, do so using your fingertips to gently pull down on both sides of your veneers at the back of your mouth to loosen them, then pull down on the front to completely remove them from your teeth.

Your temporary veneers should not stain at all if you wash them at the end of every day with the provided soft brush, soap and cleaning tablets provided.

You can wear it as long as you wish, as long as you are not eating or applying heavy pressure from biting.

No, but it is very important to store it in the provided protective box while you are not using the appliance.

You could clean your temporary veneers with warm water, gentle liquid soap, and a soft brush before inserting them in your mouth. Don’t forget to rinse all the soap from your veneers and shake them well to dry. Do not use a heat source of any kind to dry your veneers.

product info

TruSmile Veneers is a revolutionary cosmetic Clip on Veneers that snaps on and covers your existing teeth and hides any imperfections you may suffer from. You could wear or take off the TruSmile Snap on Veneers appliance whenever you like. It does not require any preparation to your existing teeth or any dentist visits. Actually, you do not have to leave home at all to get your veneers done.

Porcelain veneers cost a lot of money and require a trip to the dentist. It can also be painful due to grinding and removing layers of your teeth. In contrast, TruSmile Veneers can be done from your home, doesn’t require any grinding of your natural teeth and is very affordable.

TruSmile is made of FDA approved premium German Co-Polyester made specifically for manufacturing TruSmile Veneers. It’s a Plastic-Like material that’s sturdy and semi flexible. It’s not plastic, and 100% BPA Free

No, Trusmile Company sends you an impression Kit with detailed instructions of how you could take a perfect impression of your teeth at home with no dentist visit at all. Please, don’t attempt to take the impression if you suffer or have any of the following: Bleeding Gums, Gum Disease, loose teeth, loose fillings, loose crowns, badly decayed teeth and/or accumulated calculus or tartar over your teeth. Please consult your dentist first.

Snap on veneers on average last between 1 to 5 years, but it ultimately depends on the user. It’s different from one customer to another. If a lot of biting force is applied to the veneers and you are eating with your veneers in, they may not last as long. Where as if you take your veneers out to eat, and clean them on a regular basis they will last longer.

Yes, the manufacturer's guarantee covers remaking your veneers, one-time free-of-charge, if they arrive to you not perfectly fitting your teeth. Also, our company offers a 120 days warranty against any fracture from the date the veneers are received.

Snap on veneers are a more affordable solution than composite and porcelain veneers because they do not require a dentist visit and are not permanent. We want our customers to get the perfect smile they deserve so we offer our veneers at the price $499 for both the top and bottom appliance. You can also choose a TruSmile Veneers payment plan if you would like to complete the purchase in two separate payments.