Do I need to visit a dentist to make TruSmile appliance for me?

No, Trusmile Company sends you an impression Kit and detailed instructions of how you could take a perfect impression of your teeth at home with no dentist visit at all.

Could I use the TruSmile appliance for eating?

No, TruSmile Appliance is a cosmetic non Functioning appliance. It couldn’t be used for eating any kind of food or chewing gums or it will result to wearing of the appliance, possible fracture and/or cracking of the Smile appliance.

Can I use my Appliance for drinking?

Yes, but it’s preferred to drink cold and warm drinks only. It’s strongly advised to avoid hot drinks.

Would the TruSmile appliance get discolored from wearing or drinking by time?

No, in condition that you wash it with the provided soft brush, soap and Cleaning tablets provided at the end of every day.

How long can I wear my appliance per day?

You can wear it as long as you wish, as long as you are not eating or applying heavy biting forces on it.

When do I expect my appliance to be delivered?

After TruSmile Veneers receives your teeth impressions, it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to manufacture and ship your appliance.

What is the expected lifetime of Trusmile Appliance?

It’s different from one customer to another, on average it lasts 1 to 5 years depending on how long the appliance is used and the biting forces applied to it. It may last longer than 5 years or less than 1 year.

Does the company provide a Guarantee on the appliance?

Yes, the manufacture guarantee covers remaking your veneers, free of charge, if they arrive to you not perfectly fitting your teeth.

Can I Purchase a Replacement Warranty for my appliance?

Yes, the warranty could cover up to 1 or 2 replacements for different set of Prices. The company is responsible to change your appliance under any circumstances.

Do I have to store my appliance in water or a liquid like ordinary Dentures?

No, but it is very important to store it in the provided protective box while you are not using the appliance.

What is the difference between TruSmile Veneers and Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain Veneers has to be done through a dentist after grinding and removing layers of your teeth and it cost a lot of money. In Contrast, TruSmile Veneers can be done from your home, doesn’t require any grinding of your natural teeth and it is very affordable.