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Alternative to Braces

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An Alternative to Braces from TruSmile

Having a perfectly straight and white smile is the dream of many people. A beautiful smile gives you confidence by improving your appearance when in social situations. You can talk, laugh, and express yourself freely when you have flawless teeth.

When faced with crooked teeth, oftentimes, a dentist will suggest visiting another dental professional, the orthodontist. Orthodontists specialize in the installation and maintenance of braces that straighten crooked teeth.

Using braces to straighten your teeth is a lengthy and time-consuming process. Many times, in order for braces to do their job correctly, you need to spend years visiting the orthodontist for adjustments, tightening, and maintenance. Braces also permanently alter the mouth when they rearrange the tooth positions. In extreme cases, even after braces have been removed, you may still be required to wear a retainer or other dental device for the remainder of your life.

Fortunately, there is a new affordable alternative to braces available exclusively from TruSmile. Our temporary veneers will provide you with a straight and clean smile every time you use them. Using 3D technology, TruSmile lab technicians craft custom-fit veneers that fit over your existing teeth. There are no office visits, clunky dental hardware, or invasive procedures you will have to endure using TruSmile veneers.

Affordable Alternative to Braces

So far, we’ve discussed some of the physical disadvantages of using braces for correcting the layout of your teeth. Another fact you should be aware of before deciding on using braces is the cost. The average price of braces is approximately $8000.00. Of course, this isn’t the only cost you will incur if you decide to proceed with braces to straighten your teeth. There are numerous dentist and orthodontist visits, as well as any repairs or maintenance that must be performed on the braces. Many times, braces are simply not covered under dental insurance, so your costs will be out-of-pocket only.

Cheaper Alternative to Braces

With the rising cost of braces, it is imperative that you find a high-quality solution at a cheaper price than what traditional dental methods can offer. TruSmile veneers provide you with a cost-effective and efficient solution to crooked teeth without the burden of excess bills and painful dental visits. TruSmile veneers are a hassle-free affordable alternative to braces that can conceal crooked teeth and brighten your smile.

Straighten Teeth Without Braces

Alternative to BracesBraces shift your teeth by applying constant pressure over a period of time—and it can be a lengthy process.

Many of us desire to have straighter, more brilliant teeth, yet financial realities often keep us from pursuing dental devices such as braces. With excessive costs and inconvenient trips to the orthodontist’s office, braces seem out of reach to many. By using TruSmile veneers, you can enjoy the benefits of an affordable alternative to braces without braces for a straighter, more brilliant smile without the expense and hassle of traditional braces.

Alternative to Invisible Braces

In recent years, invisible braces have grown significantly in popularity. This method of teeth straightening is effective yet requires the user to consistently upgrade their dental device as the teeth gradually shift to the desired locations. This process is also very time-consuming as it often takes months to years for the teeth to be fully straightened and in the correct position. With TruSmile, you can instantly straighten your teeth with the use of our high-quality veneers and at a fraction of the cost of invisible braces.

Brace Yourself for the Amazing Results from TruSmile

TruSmile is dedicated to providing our customers with an affordable alternative to braces for missing, damaged, misaligned, or discolored teeth. By using our veneers, you can effectively beautify your smile without the expense and inconvenience of more traditional dental methods. Our veneers for a straighter smile and cosmetic dentistry alternative will change your smile and change your life! To learn more about what TruSmile can do for your smile, contact us today.

Get your TruSmile Veneers today and dazzle the world with a truly amazing smile!

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