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Veneers for Chipped Teeth

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Veneers for Chipped Teeth

It is an experience that none of us enjoy. Chipping a tooth can be an unpleasant experience both in terms of pain and for cosmetic reasons. When a tooth is chipped, there are several factors one must consider depending on the severity of the damage to the tooth. A chipped tooth can be uncomfortable if the chip is large enough. The discomfort may range from increased sensitivity to hot and cold to sharp pain when biting, chewing, or even breathing through your mouth. In those cases, you need a dentist's help to fix it.

Yet, there is an inexpensive alternative to fixing a chipped tooth when the damage is superficial and does not jeopardize your oral health. TruSmile veneers can effectively conceal a chipped tooth while also straightening and brightening your existing smile. Through the proper utilization of our snap on veneers for chipped teeth, you can say goodbye to damage, missing, misaligned, or stained teeth and say hello to your new beautiful smile.

Snap on Veneers for Chipped Teeth

TruSmile snap on veneers for chipped teeth offer an excellent way to improve your smile, boost your self-confidence, and overcome chipped, missing, or stained teeth. By properly using our snap on veneers for chipped teeth, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, beautiful smile without the inconvenience or expense of traditional dental procedures.

Chipped Tooth Repair Alternatives

In many cases, a chip is merely unattractive and does not require a dentist to repair the damage as there is no nerve exposure or other significant damage. Minor chips in your teeth are a cosmetic issue and won't require any extreme measures that require a visit to the dentist. These small chips aren't painful, but it's just that you don't really like seeing that imperfection when you smile. TruSmile snap on veneers for chipped teeth can conceal unattractive chips in your teeth without invasive and high-cost visits to a dentist’s office.

Options for Chipped Teeth

When you visit a dental facility for a chipped tooth, your dentist suggested one of the following procedures to correct a chipped tooth:

  • Polish: A small chip with a rough edge may be able to be smoothed out with a little polishing.
  • Fill or Bond: Chips or cracks in your back teeth may be filled (much like a cavity would be filled after drilling out the decay). Chips in your front teeth may be corrected with bonding. This is where the dentist attaches a tooth-colored material to the tooth to replace what is missing.
  • Crown: A large chip may require a crown, which is fitted over what is left of the tooth (more of the tooth may need to be removed before the crown is fitted).
  • Extraction: This may be required if your tooth was mostly knocked out. The dentist may remove what's left, and you may choose to replace the gap with a dental implant.

All of these methods can be excessively expensive, and some of them may require continued visits to the dentist. By using TruSmile snap on veneers for chipped teeth, you can correct chipped teeth from the comfort of your own home. After using our impressions mold and returning it to our lab, our technicians will craft the perfect smile with our snap on veneers for chipped teeth.

Affordable Fix for Chipped Tooth

Insurance is unlikely to cover the cost of fixing a chipped tooth, particularly since many chips are cosmetic issues and aren't a threat to your oral health. The cost to fix a chipped tooth varies greatly, depending upon the size of the chip and the procedure that is required to fix it.

Bonding may cost around $500 per tooth, while a crown could run up to $1,700 per tooth. A single veneer can cost upward of $1,000, sometimes as much as $2,500. When looking at numbers like those, it's no wonder people decide to simply live with the chipped tooth.

But you don't have to. There is an affordable solution for chipped teeth: TruSmile.

TruSmile Veneers for Chipped Teeth:

  • For $470, not only can you hide your chipped tooth, but you can cover any other imperfections in your smile and get whiter teeth at the same time! It's a simple, affordable solution for chipped teeth
  • Save Time: No need to sit in the dentist's chair. You can order your TruSmile online and have your new smile within a few weeks.
  • Save Money: Fixing one chipped tooth alone can cost more than $1,000, and if you decide to fix multiple chips or other imperfections at the same time, you'll be facing an enormous dental bill. With TruSmile, $470 is a brand new smile. These removable veneers cover both your top and bottom teeth, hiding all the imperfections and giving you a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Save Your Teeth: Many dental procedures cause further damage to your existing teeth in order to fix the problem. For example, crowns and veneers require the removal of perfectly good enamel! In some cases, this might be necessary for oral health reasons, but in other cases, you have options that preserve your own teeth while improving your smile. TruSmile offers that option. You'll receive an Impression Kit in the mail, which you can use at home to create impressions of your teeth. After we receive your impressions, you'll have your custom-made TruSmile veneers in less than 20 business days.

To learn more about TruSmile’s cheaper alternative to dentures and veneers to fix a gap, contact us today. Our cosmetic dentistry alternatives can empower your life by creating a brilliant and straight smile. Cover those chipped teeth and regain your confidence. Order your TruSmile veneers today!

Order your TruSmile veneers today!  Cover those chipped teeth and regain your confidence. Your new smile starts here!

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