Alternative to Dentures

Are temporary dental veneers a good alternative to dentures?

Dental veneers for missing teeth are a popular solution for people with missing teeth.

Dental impressions for your TruSmile dental veneers can be done right in the comfort and privacy of your own home, no dentist visit required! You won’t need to take any time off work, and there’s no need to disrupt your normal daily activities.

Dentures can be very expensive!

Alternative to DenturesA full top or bottom denture can cost upwards of $1,200, and as much as $2,700 or more! That’s a lot of money to spend, that you could be spending elsewhere. Temporary dental veneers make a great alternative to dentures, and at a much lower price point. Even temporary dentures can take up to four or five visits to your dentist – or more – to get something you can wear once your teeth have been extracted.

But what if you don’t need your teeth extracted, but still want a beautiful, natural, healthy smile? Temporary dental veneers from TruSmile can be made from the impressions you send us and can be worn over your existing teeth to give you a full, healthy, bright white smile that looks like it costs thousands of dollars to achieve… but it won’t!

The benefits of using TruSmile Veneers over other alternatives include:

  • An affordable, modern solution
  • Comfortable
  • Secure, custom fit
  • Choose from three shades; Very Bright, Bright and Not Very bright for your veneers
  • Natural look
  • No dentist visits

You deserve to have a natural looking smile that makes you feel good, look good, and boosts your confidence. Don’t wait to get the smile you should have; get your very own customized set of TruSmile Veneers today. Get the glowing, confident smile you deserve to show off to the world – order your TruSmile today!


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