Alternative to Dentures

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An Alternative to Dentures Available Exclusively from TruSmile

Do you need dentures but are currently unable to afford them? Are you tired of trying to schedule your days around countless dental appointments for fittings or other cosmetic procedures? Now you can enjoy the benefits of the leading alternative to dentures that is exclusively available from TruSmile.

With the rising costs of dental devices and office visits, the average price of dentures can now reach into thousands of dollars. For many consumers, these prices are out of reach. This can be very frustrating to those who need dentures to correct missing, damaged, or stained teeth. With TruSmile veneers, you can skip the visit to the dentist and spend only a fraction of the cost it would take to buy dentures!

TruSmile is pioneering the cosmetic dental industry by offering a cost-effective solution for those who want to improve their smiles and boost their confidence. We offer an affordable alternative to dentures that can be fitted in the comfort of your own home.

Cheaper Alternative to Dentures

Alternative to DenturesA full top or bottom denture can cost upwards of $1,200, and as much as $2,700 or more! That’s a lot of money to spend, that you could be spending elsewhere. Temporary dental veneers make a great alternative to dentures, and at a much lower price point. Even temporary dentures can take up to four or five visits to your dentist – or more – to get something you can wear once your teeth have been extracted.

When you order traditional dentures, there are many costs associated with them that are often overlooked. Not only is there the cost of the dentures, but also multiple visits to the dentist for fittings and adjustments. If you require a complete set of dentures, often they will also require tooth extraction, which is also very expensive, not to mention painful. TruSmile veneers provide a cheaper alternative to the outrageous costs of conventional dentures.

First, TruSmile veneers cost a fraction of the price of standard dentures. Our product also utilizes an impression mold process that does not require a visit to the dentist. Finally, TruSmile veneers can be used over existing teeth, so you are not forced to undergo an invasive tooth removal procedure.

If you are thinking about purchasing dentures to improve your appearance, consider TruSmile veneers as a cost-friendly alternative. Our ordering process is streamlined and convenient for the busiest schedule. There is absolutely no need to visit a dentist or undergo a painful dental procedure when you choose TruSmile to upgrade your smile!

Alternative to Partial Dentures

TruSmile is a premier online provider of temporary veneers that will improve the look of your teeth. Partial dentures, like complete dentures, are frequently very expensive and require multiple dental visits in order for them to be properly fitted to the user’s mouth. There are many advantages to using TruSmile veneers as an alternative to dentures:

  • A cost-effective solution.
  • Increased comfort during use.
  • Custom-fit made specifically for your mouth.
  • Available in three shades of white.
  • Natural look indistinguishable from real teeth.
  • No need to visit a dentist.

When looking for a viable alternative to dentures available on the market, there really is no comparison between the advantages of TruSmile and the disadvantages of traditional denture design. You deserve a natural-looking smile that will help you build your confidence and give a great impression of your personality. To learn more about alternatives to dental implants and veneers to cover missing teeth or learn more about ordering veneers online, contact us today. Choose TruSmile for affordable, high-quality veneers that will change your appearance and change your life!


Get your TruSmile Veneers today and dazzle the world with a truly amazing smile!