Veneers for Missing Teeth

Are you looking for an affordable option for your missing teeth?


People today are searching for modern alternatives for missing teeth. Partial dental veneers can be very costly – ranging from $300 to $5,000, and implants can cost from $1,000 per tooth and up, and involve drilling, needles, discomfort, and an intense dental surgical procedure.

Have you thought about using temporary dental veneers for your missing teeth?

Dental veneers for missing teeth are a new, popular solution for people with missing teeth. Unlike dental implants, partials, or other dental appliances, temporary dental veneers don’t require trips to the dentist, painful procedures, needles, drilling, or surgery.

You can take the dental impressions for your customized set of TruSmile dental veneers right in the comfort of your own home, without the need for a dentist or orthodontist. You won’t need to take any time off work, and you can carry on with your normal daily routine! If you have missing teeth, TruSmile Veneers could be the solution for you. Your veneers can cover up to eight missing teeth on the top and eight on the bottom, but we do require certain teeth to be present to ensure the TruSmile appliance fits securely.

The benefits of using TruSmile Veneers over other tooth replacement options include:

  • More affordable, modern solution.
  • More comfortable.
  • Custom made and simply clips into place.
  • Multi-solution in one.
  • Choice of Very Bright, Bright and Not Very bright for your shade of veneer
  • Natural aesthetics.
  • No dentist visits.

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