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Use & Care of TruSmile Veneers

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How to use and care for your TruSmile snap on teeth


Now that you have your brand new beautiful snap on teeth veneers, you will want to use and care for your veneers properly to ensure they last for a long time. Be sure to first thoroughly clean your temporary veneers with warm water, gentle liquid soap, and a soft brush before inserting them in your mouth. Don’t forget to rinse all the soap from your veneers and shake them well to dry. Do not use a heat source of any kind to dry your veneers.

TO INSERT YOUR VENEERS, slip the snap on teeth over your own front teeth and apply gentle pressure to snap the veneers in place. Sometimes during the insertion you may have to twist the veneers a little bit to find the perfect angle for proper application, but you should not have to force your veneers into place. Always make sure your veneers are fully seated on your teeth.

When removing your snap on teeth veneers, do so using your fingertips to gently pull down on both sides of your veneers at the back of your mouth to loosen them, then pull down on the front to completely remove them from your teeth.

TO STORE YOUR VENEERS, use the carrying case included in your kit to keep them safe and protected. Use this case when you travel, also. Always remember to remove your veneers and clean them before going to sleep. Never use toothpaste to clean your veneers, never soak them in mouthwash, and never put them in water more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Eating and drinking with your veneers in place is not recommended, but soft foods such as yogurt and cold or mildly warm drinks are usually okay. Avoid extremely hot drinks, chewy, sticky, or hard foods as they may cause staining or damage to your snap on teeth. If your veneers develop an odor it could be due to trapped food. You may put them in a concentrated soap for an hour and then brush carefully and rinse with water. Discoloration will eventually occur if you do not wash your veneers on a regular basis. Be sure to download our instruction manual and follow our suggestions for use and care to keep your veneers shiny and white!

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