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How to Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Temporary Teeth Veneers

by TruSmile Veneers
How to Achieve a Beautiful Smile with Temporary Teeth Veneers

Everyone desires a gorgeous smile, but only a few are willing to undergo the painful process of getting permanent teeth veneers. Well, have you heard of the less painful and cost-effective alternative? Temporary teeth veneers can help you hide your tooth imperfections and achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted. 

While the traditional veneers require the removal of enamel, getting it temporarily does not involve any invasive procedure. In this blog post, you will learn everything about temporary veneers, including how long they last.

What are Temporary Veneers?

Temporary veneers, also known as Clip-On or Snap-On are veneers that slide to your teeth without any orthodontic procedures. Sometimes gum diseases, tooth decay, wear, and tear can make our teeth appear different and lower our confidence. Temporary veneers hide all the imperfections on your teeth and give a stunning, natural smile. These veneers are different from porcelain veneers in several ways, such as:

  • They are cost-effective.
  • You do not need expensive dental visits
  • No needles
  • No pain
  • No drilling
  • No sedation
  • They are removable
  • They are replaceable

With TruSmile, you can achieve your dream smile without visiting a dentist or undergoing any oral surgery. Our process is quick and hassle-free. All you need is to choose your shade, make your teeth impressions, send them back and get your veneers.  

How long do Temporary Teeth Veneers Last?

Temporary veneers give you a preview of what your permanent ones would look like. If you are on a tight budget and seeking a short-term solution, they are your best choice. Temporary veneers should serve you for a period of between 3 to 5 years, depending on the quality. The durability also depends on how you take care of them. The veneers can even serve you more than five years if you wear them occasionally.

Further, eating fruits and food like blackberries and drinking coffee can discolor your veneers. You can use a straw when having colored drinks to avoid direct contact with your temporaries. Always rinse your mouth after taking these items or avoid them when you can. We also recommend removing them when consuming hard or sticky food to make them last longer.

Do Temporary teeth Veneers Look Fake?

One of the major concerns of patients when getting veneers is whether they will look fake. As much as temporary veneers may not feel like the permanent ones, the difference is barely unnoticeable. They represent all the aesthetic elements of veneers and function just like porcelain veneers. Temporary veneers do not have gaps, which makes flossing difficult, as this could increase the risk of popping them off. However, this should not cause an alarm because, with Trusmile veneers, you can remove them at any time before flossing.

Do Temporary Veneers Fall Out?

It is very unlikely for temporary veneers to fall out, especially if you get them from professional companies. TruSmile veneers are custom-made, highly retentive, and designed to fit over your natural teeth perfectly. They cannot fall out by eating, smiling, or speaking, but they may be loose if subjected to excessively high pressure. Some of the ways you can protect your temporary veneers from falling include:

  • Taking soft food diets when you have your veneers
  • Removing your clip-on veneers before eating or sleeping
  • Avoiding biting food with your front teeth if you have your veneers on
  • Avoiding hard or sticky food when you have your veneers on

Why TruSmile Veneers are a great option

The benefits of getting your temporary veneers at TruSmile go way beyond the mere cosmetic advantages. If you are unsure of getting the traditional veneers, or working on budget, you should consider our temporaries. We ensure that you achieve a perfect smile for a confidence boost while protecting your natural teeth. Here are more reasons why you should get your removable veneers from TruSmile.  

Custom made to fit over existing teeth, so they look more natural

TruSmile uses 3D technology to make your veneers, which ensures you get a flawless custom fit for your teeth. We guarantee that they will match your natural teeth perfectly. You can try them before you make your final purchase. Even better, we give you a chance to request any adjustments if you are unsatisfied with the feel, look, or shape. As long as you return them in their original state, you will not pay any extra charges.

You Can Do Everything from the Comfort of your Own Home

With TruSmile, you do not need to pay for expensive dental visits since everything is done from the comfort of your home. Once you place your order, we send you our free impression kit; then, you email your impression back to us. When we receive the kit, the process of custom making your veneers begins immediately. You can choose between bright, not very bright, and very bright shades based on your preference. This enables our tailors to design what they are most comfortable with.

Besides that, our removable veneers are very affordable, and we have different payment plans to accommodate all our customers. You can check out our simplified seven-step process to understand the whole process better.

Easy to Put In, Take Out and Maintain

TruSmile does not just offer the convenience of getting your custom-made veneers from home. You get the freedom to wear your veneers and take them out easily whenever you want. While some orthodontics procedures take a long time to complete, the installation of clip-on veneers takes less than a minute. 

Since they are a temporary solution, they will not alter your natural teeth in any way. Maintaining them is a breeze. With the right cleaning and rinsing, our temporaries should serve you for a few years.

TruSmile veneers are a great option for someone looking to improve their smile on a budget. Our 3D technology ensures that your temporary veneers are crafted with a high degree of accuracy. Whether your teeth have decay, discoloration, or chipping, we can help you achieve a more confident smile. Place your order or contact us now if you have any questions regarding our services.

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