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Temporary Teeth Solutions for an Amazing Smile

by TruSmile Veneers
Temporary Teeth Solutions for an Amazing Smile

There are many reasons why a person might need a temporary tooth or even an entire set of temporary teeth at some point in their life. Sometimes a person may damage or lose a tooth due to injury. Some people may lose one or more of their natural teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease, or another dental issue such as bruxism (teeth grinding during sleep). Others may want to replace some of their teeth because they've become stained or discolored due to medication, or from a lifetime of poor oral hygiene. Lastly, sometimes a person needs a temporary option while they are waiting to receive a permanent tooth solution.

Regardless of the reason why a person is currently searching for a temporary teeth solution, it's important to know about all the available options, so one can make the right choice for their particular needs and budget.

Where Can I Get Temporary Teeth?


Why Dentures? - Some people have enough tooth decay and/or discoloration that they need to have all/part of their natural teeth removed. Other people have opted for dental implants but need something to wear before they receive their full set of implants. A full or partial set of dentures has been one of the traditional options available for these types of patients.

Who Fits Them? - There are several types of dental professionals that offer denture creation/fitting. These include a traditional dentist, a specialist prosthodontist, or a dental prosthetist, otherwise known as an advanced dental technician. Some of the challenges when being fitted for dentures include the costs associated with the entire procedure (which requires multiple dental visits) along with the dentures themselves, and whether the patient is completely satisfied with the level of comfort they experience when wearing dentures.

Dental Implants

Why Implants? - A dental implant that replaces just one tooth is often referred to as a crown. This type of procedure typically involves fitting a person with a temporary crown until a more permanent, custom-designed crown can be made.

Some people have sufficient tooth injury or decay to the point where they want to replace all their natural teeth, or at least a substantial portion, with permanent dental implants. Some of the challenges involved with crowns/implants include the need for multiple appointments to prepare the dental site for implantation, and the cost associated with all the procedures. In addition, while dental implants are touted as permanent, in reality  most need replacement some time after their 15-year anniversary. Even the typical lifespan for a single crown is 5-15 years, which means replacement costs can really add up if a person has multiple crowns. 

Who Fits Them? - If a person needs only a single crown or two, a dentist is generally a good option. If a person wants more extensive work such as a full or partial set of dental implants, they will likely see someone who has more specialized training, such as a prosthodontist. 

DIY Temporary Teeth

Why DIY? - Sometimes a person may lose a tooth due to an injury or accident, but is unable to get in right away to see a dental professional who can help them. In these cases, a person may use an over-the-counter DIY kit to make their own temporary tooth. While these products may claim to look like real teeth, it's difficult for the average person to design a natural looking tooth. 

Where to Get Them - These types of DIY kits are available in some drugstores and online as well. Although not very expensive, they should be considered as a very temporary solution until a person can obtain a better option.

Clip-on Veneers

Why Clip-ons? - Clip-on tooth veneers are a newer, up-and-coming solution for those who need a fast, budget-friendly option for missing or unsightly teeth. With clip-on veneers, a person can simply clip on a custom-designed set of teeth to cover up missing teeth and/or teeth that are unsightly due to injury, discoloration, or decay.  

The process of becoming fitted with clip-on veneers is straightforward and easy. A person simply orders a kit that provides all the materials for them to make an impression of their teeth. They then mail in their impression(s), after which clip-on veneers are custom-designed from their unique dental impressions. The veneers are then shipped directly to the client's home and are ready for immediate wear.

Where to Get Them - People who want a custom set of veneers don't need to see a dentist or other dental professional to obtain the benefits that clip-on veneers offer. The most important step in the entire process is to find a reputable company who specializes in creating beautiful, well-fitting, and dependable veneer solutions. 

How Much Do Temporary Teeth Cost?

Of course, the least expensive option to cover up or repair missing teeth is an over-the-counter DIY tooth kit. While these kits typically sell for less than $50, they aren't very practical for those who have a lot of teeth that need attention. Not to mention, it's difficult to get long-lasting, attractive results unless one is exceptionally skilled.

While there are some outlets that promise a set of dentures for $500-600, it's wise to be cautious when shopping around for a set of dentures. These less expensive outlets usually don't deliver when it comes to denture quality and comfort. In general, a mid-range set of dentures costs around $1,000-$3,000, however, a top range set can go up to as high as $8,000.

Dental implant prices can vary quite a bit. Of course, a single crown is much less expensive than an entire set of "permanent" dental implants. The cost of a single crown can range from $1,000-$3,500. The cost of permanent dental implants is quite expensive, with the cost of each implant averaging $2,500.

Why TruSmile Veneers Are a Good Option for Temporary Teeth

If some of the costs listed above are shocking, you'll be relieved to know that TruSmile offers a much more affordable solution for those who want a great smile, without sacrificing comfort. With TruSmile Veneers, there are no unexpected dental appointments, no pain from needles or drilling procedures, no lengthy waits for appointments, and no expensive upkeep of dental paraphernalia.

Here at TruSmile, we even offer an affordable payment plan for our patients. For a complete set of clip-on veneers, we request a single payment of $470, followed by 2 payments of $240 each. This includes everything you'll need to create a custom set of clip-on veneers for your specific needs. 


If you'd like to know more about how TruSmile can help you improve your smile, please be sure to read our FAQ section here. Also, be sure to hear some of the real life stories of our satisfied clients. Find out how TruSmile helped them obtain the confidence that comes with having a great smile. Contact us today to find out if you're a candidate for our life-changing clip-on veneers.

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