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Temporary Veneers vs  Porcelain Veneers

by TruSmile Veneers
Temporary Veneers vs  Porcelain Veneers

Does your smile need an upgrade? Temporary dental veneers could be the answer. You may have heard that there are both temporary and permanent veneers, but they require different processes, are priced very differently, and affect your body in different ways. Some other possible methods of correcting your smile include implants, fixed bridges, removable partial dentures, and full dentures, all of which can be extremely costly, require visits to the dentist’s office, can take several steps to complete the process, could require drilling, needles, drugs, extractions, filing down of one or several teeth, and possibly even surgical procedures, and still may not result in the best solution for your smile problems.

Permanent veneers are very costly, and the procedure for installing them is time consuming, complicated, and painful. There is anesthesia involved along with drilling, needles, pain, and recovery time. The procedure involves drilling into your jawbone and insertion of a permanent metal rod, which then must be given time to fuse with your bone. Once that process is complete, a screw is attached to your jawbone and a false tooth known as an implant is screwed into place. This is an intense, invasive procedure which can cause complications.

Temporary veneers are a much better choice to correct your smile issues. Unlike porcelain veneers, these easy to use snap on veneers are made from a lightweight yet super tough dental polymer that looks even better than your own teeth. The clip on device fits over your existing teeth and hides any imperfections like broken, stained, chipped, cracked, crooked, or even missing teeth. Just slip your veneers into place and all your smile issues disappear like magic!

For a much more affordable price than any of the complicated procedures or appliances mentioned above, you can have the smile you’ve been longing for without the pain, cost, discomfort, or recovery time required in getting permanent veneers. Temporary veneers from TruSmile are easy to get using an impression kit that we mail to you directly. You simply follow the easy directions included in your package and send the impressions back to us in the prepaid packaging we include with your impression kit. In a matter of days you will receive your customized TruSmile Veneers. Slip them over your existing teeth and discover what it looks and feels like to have an instantly perfect smile! You’ll have the gorgeous smile everyone will envy, and you can keep all those dollars in your pocket that you would have spent on permanent veneers.

You deserve to have the smile you have been dreaming of – one that is uniquely yours, one that makes you feel and look better than you ever have! Don’t spend thousands of dollars on painful procedures that really are not necessary to get you the smile you deserve; get your very own TruSmile temporary veneers today. Come on – order your TruSmile Veneers right now, and get the stunning smile that’s waiting for you!

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