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What Are Clip On Teeth?

by TruSmile Veneers
What Are Clip On Teeth?

Some forms of cosmetic dentistry can take a considerable amount of time and money to be done well, a privilege unavailable to a large amount of people. But recent years have seen a revolution emerge from the industry. And that revolution is  Clip on veneers. This alternative method of teeth covering has become increasingly popular with time, and with good reason. Unsure if clip-on teeth are the best solution for you? Here's what you need to know:

How Clip-on Teeth Are Made 

Creating a personalized set of clip-on teeth is a pretty simple process. You start off by using an impression kit sent by us to make a mold of your teeth. Each kit contains five impression trays and 4 sets of putty. The mold is formed by combining two types of putty to activate them and placing the mixed putty in the impression tray. Then, place the tray into your mouth and press it against your teeth. It should be ready to remove after a mere three minutes. After the impressions dry out, you can send them to us with the prepaid mailing package provided by us.

Once we receive your impressions, we get to work on your dream set of veneers. Your set of clip-on teeth will be sent back to you in 2 to 4 weeks. You can purchase a set via two accommodating payment plans. Payments can be made in one or two installments depending on which plan is more appropriate for your budget. 

The Profound Effects of Good Veneers

Our veneers will perfectly match the unique shape of your teeth to provide your smile with some much-wanted assistance. Our specialists use cutting-edge 3D technology that shapes the veneers to fit comfortably inside your mouth. They do this while also covering any gaps left by missing teeth and smooth over any crooked teeth. Most people interested in their own set of clip-on teeth are searching for the surge of confidence that is commonly associated with a textbook smile. They can be key to making a strong first impression. With our brand of clip-on teeth, you can find that confidence within yourself. 

How to Take Care of Veneers

Clip-on teeth are easy to wear and maintain. Just slide them in place, and they are ready to wear for the rest of the day. They will not cause any problems with your ability to speak, nor will they stop you from eating or drinking while you're wearing them. If you are interested in buying affordable, high-quality veneers from TruSmile, or have any questions you need to ask, feel free to contact us

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