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Your Guide to Snap-in Teeth

by TruSmile Veneers
Your Guide to Snap-in Teeth

A smile is an important part of the first impression a person makes on people. Unfortunately, having gaps, broken, misaligned, stained, chipped, or damaged teeth can seriously affect it. And as a result, you begin to feel uncomfortable with people seeing your smile. Over time, it chips away at your self-esteem and confidence.

Thankfully, easy solutions to fix issues with your mouth are now available. Snap-in teeth can help bring back that golden smile again. Read on to know more about this cosmetic treatment, including the cost and how it works in this ultimate guide.

What Are Snap-In Teeth?

Snap-in teeth are a cosmetic device used to hide chips, stains, and other blemishes on your teeth. They are not dentures or restoratives like bridge or crown but are actually a fit-at-home type of prosthetic teeth.

Unlike time-consuming cosmetic treatments such as porcelain veneers, orthodontics, and crowns, snap-in teeth are easy to fit on the mouth and transform your smile. You won't need any alteration in your natural teeth. Besides, snap-in teeth are easy to remove and come from high-tech dental resin, configured to fit snuggly over the existing teeth to bring a new smile with white, straight, and well-shaped teeth.

Snap-in teeth correct different cosmetic imperfections, including crooked, permanently discolored, cracked, or chipped teeth that did not respond to teeth whitening and teeth with gaps in between.

How Much Do Snap-in Teeth Cost?

Snap-in teeth are way less expensive than other options. Whereas partial dentures cost between $1,215 and $1,685 for upper dentures and custom dentures costs between $1000 and $15,000 per arch, you only need $470 to have your snap-in teeth.

Fixed bridges cost between $300 and $1,000 for a single tooth, and a single dental implant will cost between $1,000 and $3,000. With dental implants, that cost does not include the cost of abutment and the crown, which could be $500-$3,000. Meaning, dental implants require you to part with between $1,500 and $6,000.

With TruSmile snap-in teeth, you also enjoy a flexible payment plan and pay in two installments.

Can I Hide Missing Teeth with Snap-in Teeth?

If you miss a tooth, you might think it is right to ignore it, particularly if no one can see the gap when you smile. Maybe it does not cause any issues when you speak or eat, so you see no reason to address it. But that's a bad idea since a missing tooth can affect your overall oral health in several ways.

First, missing a tooth provides room for other teeth to shift from their original positions. It can result in crooked teeth that are more prone to decay and could fall out due to periodontal disease. A missing tooth might not appear like a big deal, but this problem can increase within no time and leave you in trouble.

Besides, missing teeth can lead to jaw atrophy. It happens when you lack a tooth root to stimulate growth, thus cause your jawbone to vanish. 
Today, the internet is full of misleading dental advice, making it complex when you try to find new ways to fix your teeth. Getting a veneer for a missing tooth is a common suggestion you will encounter. However, traditional veneers don't work for a missing tooth. Traditional veneers require that you have a tooth in the first place.

A veneer involves thin porcelain, resin, or ceramic material bonding to the front of your teeth. Veneers often cover chips, discoloration, cracks, or stains that you cannot fix with standard tooth whitening. Luckily, while traditional veneers won't work for missing teeth, snap-in teeth from TruSmile can do the trick.

Benefits of Snap-in Teeth

Cost Less Than Many Other Options  

Snap-in teeth cost less than other dental work. You can get a full top and bottom set of snap-in teeth for only $470. Provided you take care of the snap-in teeth, you can expect them to last for 1-5 years.

For the snap-in teeth to last longer, ensure you don't take hot drinks or foods. Besides, you should not chew gum when wearing snap-in teeth. People who grind their teeth at night should take them out while sleeping as it causes pressure that can damage them more quickly. Also, ensure you wear the snap-in teeth when you have to.

No Costly Dentist Visit

TruSmile makes it convenient for you to get your snap-in teeth. You can make an impression at home; thus, you save on the time and cost of visiting our dentist's office. The process involves placing an online order, selecting the preferred shade, and taking impression molds of the special kit that TruSmile sends to you. After sending back the impressions, you can expect to receive your snap-in teeth in less than a month.

No Needles or Drilling

Most people consider drilling as the worst part of a dental visit. It is painful and expensive. Even numbing does not help much since you still feel unpleasant pressure as the dentist drills your mouth. But with snap-in teeth, all you need is to bite down a material to make an impression mold and snap in the teeth when your dentist sends them to you.

TruSmile snap-in teeth fit perfectly over your teeth to give a natural and beautiful smile. Besides, they are easy to put on and remove. Getting them won't involve dental injections, bonding, and cutting of tooth tissue.

Look Like Real Teeth

Perhaps you have concerns that your snap-in teeth may look odd in your mouth. But that should not be a concern since their coloring matches that of your natural teeth. Depending on your impression mold, the snap-in teeth will snuggly fit right over the existing teeth. Therefore, they make a flawless match where no one can notice that you are wearing snap-in teeth.

Wrapping Up

TruSmile has helped transform the lives of thousands of customers, covering up their dental imperfections and getting the smile they always wanted. If you have smile issues that you would like addressed with snap-in teeth, find out today if you're a candidate!

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